Gale Harold in TWO NEW FILMS

Gale Harold will be playing the role of “Monroe” in the up coming film “The Diary of a Teenage Girl” based off the novel. You can find the Teaser with shots of Gale Harold Here

Here are details of Gale’s Character based off what we know from the novel:

The single unifying plot line of the diary entries is Minnie’s relationship with her mother’s thirty something boyfriend which begins not-quite-so-innocently and quickly evolves into a sexual liaison. They hide their relationship from Minnie’s mother for some time, but their behavior grows increasingly reckless. As suspicions arise about the two, Monroe pushes Minnie away. Alone, she begins seeking new friends and experiences on the streets of San Francisco where she finds stronger drugs and men and women even more dangerous than Monroe. -

Production is set for Fall 2013 - Teaser

The Second Film is “THIRST” Starring Gale Harold (Queer as Folk) and Christopher Denham (Argo). The film is currently running a Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for production. They are trying to raise $85,000 and only have 27 days left! Everyone did a great job donating for Randy Harrison film “Such Good People.” Please take a look at Gale’s film, a little goes a long way and the film can’t happen without support from fans - plus they have cool perks!

Here is a synopsis of the film:

Inspired by true events, Thirst is a modern fable chronicling the ruinous decline of Billy, an urban nomad wrestling with the consequences of his choices.  When he finds temporary work at a skid-row joint in downtown Los Angeles, he is forced to confront a terrifying future in the faces and apparent fates of the bars’ life-battered habitués. 

Watch the teaser for “Thirst” to get a better feel for the film!

Check out Thirsts Indiegogo Campaign